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Official maComfort Press Pack

We have prepared a press pack, which contains all relevant information about maComfort, including material you may use and links for further reading.

Available files for download:


maComfort brings the Mac-experience to Windows, and makes it feel like a Mac!

Especially designed for users of both Operating Systems, which often change between Windows and Mac will love this app: It emulates the mac key combinations for example, so that you will never have to adapt. Just keep using Apple-Q to quit and Apple-C to copy - no need to re-adapt to Ctrl-C!

But there is much more to maComfort: You have now access to great mac features like Quicklook: Just select any file in Windows Explorer and hit space - and there's your Quicklook window.
Also on board are other features like active corners. Just adapt your settings and when hitting a screen corner with your mouse it will do the selected action. Other mac-like features include Spaces, which brings virtual desktops to Windows in a great new way. Have up to 9 virtual desktops.

To not get bored there is a theming system, so you can change the looks of the application. There's heaps more to discover, so try the free version now.

And with the plug-in system there is no need to worry: The possibilities are endless.

The author – Leonardo Re

OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member

Started in 2006 and based in Bremen, Germany, Leonardo Re has been developing feature-rich applications for Windows and Mac that target very specific user groups. All programs were made to solve one or more tasks that no other application would focus on, while still maintaining the highest quality standards possible - as if there was competition.

Freeware for Mac includes the popular Camino prefPanes “Settings+” and “CamiNoScript”. Windows programs include the commercial tool “GameStarter” for FPSC users.
maComfort has been the latest innovation of this one-man software crafter, and is the first tool to target users who switch between Mac and Windows.

Apart from developing apps, Leonardo Re runs a short film production company in London.