Aspiring productions.

Overcreative filmmaker from Germany,
focusing on story and sound.

Leonardo Re

I’m a Film Director currently based in Bremen, Germany.

I love great sound and enjoy telling stories visually, so I aim to create immersive audio-visual worlds. My current work is mostly in advertising (and narrative short films whenever time allows). I have previously worked as a Sound Recordist in London, GB for two years.

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You can find my credits and some more information about my film work on the following websites:


Germany 2017, 17:33, 2K 2.35
Director, Producer

Germany 1945. Two siblings seek refuge in an uninhabited lodge but soon face weird occurences.

Awaiting premiere.

Gespräche mit Günter Gelb

Germany 2016, 04:50, PAL B/W 4:3
Director, Producer

“Conversations with Gunter Gelb” is a hommage to the German talk shows of the 1960s – with a pinch of modern communication skills.

Filmfest Bremen Laurel German Youth Film Prize Laurel up-and-coming Film Award Laurel International Grenzland Film Days Selb Laurel Aaretaler Short Film Days Laurel


GB / Germany 2014, 09:55, HD 1080p 2.35
Director, Producer

An atmospheric drama about a man’s apathy and his death.

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’Exceptionally Valuable’ Badge Young Collection Laurel Anonimul International Independent Short Film Festival Laurel VKRATZE Laurel

Darwin Lynch

Germany 2011-2013, 10:00, HD 1080p
Director, Producer

Suicide is not for beginners.
Darwin learns it the hard way while trying to set an end to his life in the coziness of a premium-class hotel room.

OPEN SCREEN 2015 Audience Award Laurel Ffwrnes Ffilm Ffest Laurel TASHORTFEST Laurel Daroca&Prisión Film Fest Laurel FICDOS 2015 Laurel


GB 2012, 05:59, HD 1080p
Director, Producer

John goes to confront his father in an attempt to save their relationship.

Phenom Film Fest Laurel

Endless Darkness

Germany / GB 2012, 09:07, HD 1080p
Director, Producer, Editor

An attempt to visualize depression and the various emotions connected to it.


Germany 2011-2015, 28:57, HD 1080p
Director, Producer, Editor

“Ouch! - A bank robbery like no other” is the story of an unlucky fellow who eventually robs a bank.

Dog’s Life

Germany 2010, 02:00, Super-8 18fps

Experimental DocuFiction.
Music improvised (live) on first screening.