Aspiring productions.

Overcreative filmmaker from Germany,
focusing on story and sound.


Germany 2017, 17:33, 2K 2.35
Director, Producer

Germany 1945. Two siblings seek refuge in an uninhabited lodge but soon face weird occurances.

Awaiting premiere.

Gespräche mit Günter Gelb

Germany 2016, 04:50, PAL B/W 4:3
Director, Producer

A hommage to the German talk shows of the 1960s
- with a pinch of modern communication skills.

Gespräche mit Günter Gelb won the Audience Award at the Filmfest Bremen 2016 Gespräche mit Günter Gelb was in the Official Selection of the German Youth Film Prize 2017 Gespräche mit Günter Gelb is was the Official Selection of the 40th International Grenzland Film Days in Selb Gespräche mit Günter Gelb was in the Official Selection of the Aaretaler Short Film Days 2017 +5 more


UK / Germany 2014, 09:55, HD 1080p 2.35
Director, Producer

An atmospheric drama about a man's apathy and his death.

Wasser is on Amazon Instant Video

Wasser was in the Official Selection of Samyak ShortFilm & Documentary Festival 2014 Wasser won the Audience Award at the Young Collection 50 Wasser was in the Official Selection of Anonimul International Independent Short Film Festival 2014 Wasser hat das Prädikat besonders wertvoll erhalten +10 more

Darwin Lynch

Germany 2011-2013, 10:00, HD 1080p
Director, Producer

Suicide is not for beginners.
Darwin learns it the hard way while trying to set an end to his life in the coziness of a premium-class hotel room.

Darwin Lynch won the second place at the OPEN SCREEN 2015 Audience Award Darwin Lynch was nominated at the Ffwrnes Ffilm Ffest 2015 Darwin Lynch was semifinalist at the TASHORTFEST 2015 +3 more


UK 2012, 05:59, HD 1080p
Director, Producer

John goes to confront his father in an attempt to save their relationship.

Jail is in the Official Selection Phenom Film Fest 2012

Endless Darkness

Germany / UK 2012, 09:07, HD 1080p
Director, Producer, Editor

An attempt to visualize depression and the various emotions connected to it.


Germany 2011-2015, 28:57, HD 1080p
Director, Producer, Editor

"Ouch! - A bank robbery like no other" (English title) is the story of an unlucky fellow who eventually robs a bank.

Dog's Life

Germany 2010, 02:00, Super-8 18fps

Experimental DocuFiction.
Music improvised (live) on first screening.

Leonardo Re

Director & Producer at BITENOTBARK (Advertising Agency)

I have always loved film. Since getting my first hands-on experience in film (back in 2008) I have never looked back, and am now working my way up as a film director.
My current work is mostly in advertising (and short films on rare occasions). I have previously worked as a sound recordist in London, UK for two years.

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