Bring Mac to Windows.

maComfort Screenshot


Quicklook icon


Preview files like you would on Mac. Just hit space and a Quicklook preview of the file will be shown.
Spaces icon


Add intuitive virtual desktops with easy switching.
Powered by VirtuaWin.
Mac Hotkeys icon

Mac Hotkeys

No need to adapt to Windows anymore! The Windows-key now works like Command, in any application.
E.g. Command-T opens a new tab in Firefox.
Active Corners icon

Active Corners

Enable the screen corners to toggle specific actions.
Mac Key Combinations icon

Mac Key Combinations

Using Command-D often to duplicate a file in Finder? Now, all of the most known key combinations can be used on Windows!
Sound Control icon

Sound Control

Set any keys to control your audio volume and multimedia applications.
Useful if drivers won't work or another keyboard is attached.
Skinning System icon

Skinning System

Completely customize the look of maComfort. Use one of our themes, or create your own.
Plug-Ins icon


Add more functionality with a variety of plug-ins.

How does maComfort work?

maComfort is a background process which enhances the overall usability of Windows.
It was specifically designed for frequent Mac users.

What's the benefit?

If you happen to switch between Mac OS and Microsoft Windows frequently (e.g. PC at work, Mac at home) you probably caught yourself trying to open a Quicklook preview on Windows, or attempting to copy a file using Control-C instead of Command-C.
maComfort Key Combinations: Control-C becomes Command-C
maComfort was designed to solve those problems! It will enable nearly all Mac OS key combinations on any Windows machine, and let you use great features such as virtual desktops and Quicklook.


For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Fully Compatible with Windows 10!