Enhance your games.

GameStarter lets you create a launcher for your FPS Creator, FPS Creator X10 and DarkBasic (Pro) games, which enables your customers to update the game, change the configuration of the game (such as screen resolution, controls, performance, joystick, sound), use an inbuilt screenshot system with many options, and much more. You can also create trial versions of your game, create a CD starter or add the launcher to other’s games to enhance usability.

Some of the features include...

  • fully customizeable, individual and professional game launcher - match the launcher to the design of your game
  • game launcher changes per injection the title of the game window from "FPSC game" to the game’s name (makes things look more professional, too!)
  • compression and packaging of your games - protect your games and reduce installation time
  • in-game sound control and screenshots - no need to waste time on programming basic functions like these
  • configuration options for games, including reset functions to reset all gamesaves or options - not only configure your game, be sure you can reset anything!
  • customizeable key layout (controls), joystick, sound control, performance, experimental, resolution and colour depth options - provide your users with what they expect and need
  • game info page (displays producer/publisher, game version, language, unique gamecode, homepage and email-address)
  • updater for your games - keep your game up to date and be able to fix bugs without needing to contact everyone about it
  • translation file system (easy change, addition or deletion of translations)
  • time trial function - create a trial version of your game, limited by hours of gameplay, days or number of launches
  • make CD starters - put your game on CD / DVD and be sure your user has a nice launcher popping up
  • "Alien-Game modus" for foreign FPSC (X10) games - why renounce to features you would like just because it’s not your game?
  • "SmartStart Maker" for creating multiple games as one (for example having a X9, X10, X9 multiplayer, and X10 multiplayer version)

And the best... all changes to your game are fully reversible - you don’t risk anything!

The download includes a huge documentation (English and German) and translations of the the complete programme in English (US), English (UK), German and French (excl. documentation).

GameStarter is no longer being maintained, and is available for free now.

To install, use the following registration info.
Username: Registered User #560
Password: 1f81308b7a64814c14a6a3b4ba79ca87