Camino prefPanes

Retired products.

Development stopped.

I have seized development on these Camino preference panes. There will be no further updates or changes.
Apart from me moving back to Windows, the code was unfortunately lost in a system crash (on Mac, yes yes).

Therefore, I would strongly advise against using these.


Get control back over your browser!

CamiNoScript provides an intuitive user interface for blocking JavaScript on certain or all websites. It allows you to whitelist and/or blacklist domains and subdomains and control which scripts are being executed.

You can use a whitelist or a blacklist to block any scripts you want.

Download (Free)
Camino - Intel Mac only - 1.0 MB

Settings Plus

This preference pane gives you access to settings found in about:config

  • Location bar search activation
  • search engine selection (for the URL bar search)
  • location bar related settings
  • cache options
  • website source view displayed in a tab instead of a window
  • mouse settings
  • download manager configuration

Download (Free)
Camino - Intel Mac only - 0.6 MB

To install these preference panes, proceed as follows.

Open the .DMG by double-clicking on it and copy the contained file into the PreferencePanes folder (create it if necessary) in ∼/Library/Application Support/Camino/PreferencePanes ( being your home folder)

To uninstall simply remove (delete) the file while Camino is not running. Restart Camino for the changes to take effect.